Kårspexet is a non-profit association affiliated with the Student Union, THS. Every year we put on a musical performance, a “spex”, played at Stockholm’s finest theaters. In addition to 10-15 performances in Stockholm, we also make tours to Helsinki and Mariefred, among others. Over the years, the Kårspexet has played in, for example, Örebro, Gothenburg, Linköping, Falun and Sundsvall.

Kårspexet would like you to apply if you have one or more of the following interests or skills:
Acting (requires fluency in Swedish speach)
Playing an instrument
Sewing and make up
Advertising and networking
Planning and arranging parties
Set building as well as props creation and acquisition

In short, Kårspexet is looking for you!
Are you a fun person? Join Kårspexet!
Are you not a fun person? Join Kårspexet and BECOME one!