About THS

The Student Union (THS) is an organization run by the students at KTH. THS consists of 22 different Chapters, which are connected to different areas of study. Every programme belongs to a specific Chapter! We work hard to maintain and constantly develop the quality of education, create stronger business relationships and create a broader student life. In short, we are here to make your years at KTH as good as possible!

THS is one of Sweden’s oldest student unions and has 117 years of experience in working for students’ rights and high-quality education at KTH. THS offers skill development and networking and boasts one of the biggest student career fairs in Sweden – THS Armada. THS is based in its main building Nymble, and with the big city across the street, THS is a hub for student life in Stockholm.

The student life is a balance of learning, exploring, having fun and getting serious. The student union, THS is run by KTH students, most of us have been around and know what is good, what is fun and most importantly what it is like to be a student at KTH.

Nymble is meant as a building for the members of THS. All students are welcome here, however only members are permitted to stay here during weekends and after 19:00 on week-days. It is a place where you can study, eat lunch, participate in events or simply hang out with your friends. We also have our own restaurant, café and bookshop.


Restaurant Nymble is housed in a bright and open dining room with spacious seating. Lunch consists of two generous options as well as the week’s vegetarian, the week’s fish & the week’s salad. You always get the best price as a THS member!

Nymble restaurang-02

Kårbokhandeln is the union bookstore  in Nymble, where you can always find your course literature at discounted prices. As THS-member you receive 5% discount on all purchases.