Student Life

Studies are not just about homework and grades. The student life is a balance of learning, exploring and having fun.

New at KTH

The Student Union (THS) is an organization run by us students at KTH. We work hard to maintain and constantly develop the quality of education, create stronger business relationships and create a broader student life. In short, we are here to make your years at KTH as good as possible!

THS Armada

THS offers skill development and networking and boasts one of the biggest student career fairs in Sweden – THS Armada. THS is based in its main building Nymble, and with the big city across the street, THS is a hub for student life in Stockholm.


Quarnevalen is one of the largest public events in all of Europe. Every three years, about 1,500 students spend one week working on fun and often technologically advanced floats (in Swedish: ekipage) that will be part of a big parade around Central Stockholm on Quarnevalsdagen. According to estimates by the Stockholm police, about 400 000 see this parade, and if you’re a student in Stockholm it’s something you’ve just can’t miss!

THS International Reception

THS International is part of THS aimed to make it easier for international students to meet others students and get acquainted with THS, KTH and Stockholm. During the introduction week, social and cultural activities, such as campus tours, town visits, movie nights, dinners, parties, and trips are organized.