Nymble & Osqvik

THS owns two properties:

  • The Student Union building Nymble
  • The Archipelago Cottage Osqvik


Nymble is a building owned by the members of THS. All students are welcome here, however only members are permitted to stay here during weekends and after 19:00 on week-days. It is a place where you can study, eat lunch, participate in events or simply hang out with your friends. We also have our own restaurant, café and bookshop!

In Nymble, there are several larger rooms as well as smaller meeting rooms. We also have a few rooms suitable for parties or events, as well as a sauna.

  • As a THS-member, you can rent many of these rooms for a cheaper price.
  • Information about pricing and more here.
  • You can see the availability of the rooms on floor 3 as well as the party venues outside our serving permit here.
  • To book a premise or ask about other venues, email lokalbokning@ths.kth.se and specify premise, date and time, and kind of event.

If you have any questions regarding bookings you can find contact info here, or swing by the Student Union Office

Nymble holds an alcohol serving permit, which is required by Swedish law if you want to sell alcohol to the public. Most rooms are part of this permit, however there are a few rooms which are not included:

  • Gasquen
  • Kröken
  • Bastun

In these rooms, you may bring your own food and drinks, provided that you meet the requirements for a closed company. In all other rooms, alcohol must be bought from Nymble, and special rules apply to food. Detailed info can be found in the tabs “Information about premises” and “General rules for the premises”.

Many rooms have a special history to them:

  • Musikrummet is designed by George Bolin, a Swedish music instrument constructor.
  • Radiorummet is where the first radio broadcast in Sweden was played.
  • Bastun is said to have cost millions to renovate, as the floor in the room above was about to fall in during the renovation.


Osqvik is located in the Archipelago in Värmdö to the south-east of Stockholm. Address: Jerkas väg 1, 134 32 Gustavsberg. The closest bus stop is Skeviksstrand.

The main building at Osqvik contains the large common room, a sleeping hall upstairs, a kitchen and some storage rooms. There is also a smaller building (Annexet) next to it, with toilets and two separate sleeping rooms. Down by the water, there is a sauna.

The kitchen is fully equipped with utensils, stove, oven and dishwasher. However, you need to bring your own garbage bags.

There are a total of 21 bed bunks at Osqvik (8 in the smaller building and 13 in the larger building). You need to bring your own bed sheets, blankets and pillows.

Upon renting Osqvik, you pick-up the keys and a cleaning kit from the Student Union Office (KårX) in Nymble.