The main purpose of THS as a student union is to safeguard the quality of education at KTH. In order to achieve this, we conduct student influence towards KTH. We work with KTH in a number of different areas:

  • The conditions, contents and design of the education.
  • The study environment and conditions for studies.
  • The physical and mental health of students.

KTH and THS has a tight relation and us students have a crucial role in how KTH develops in the future. The student influence that THS provides often works as a catalyst that increases the rate of development at KTH and is an important function that makes sure that decisions made by the university do not impact students negatively.

THS student influence happens both centrally and through the chapters.

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Section 7 of chapter 2 of the Higher education act (1992:1434)

”The students are entitled to representation when decisions or preparations are made that have bearing on their courses or programmes or the situation of students.” This law provides the foundation of student influence.

Vision of THS student influence

”A comprehensive, coherent and informed student influence that systematically and continuously works for the best education.”

Student influence happens on all levels of KTH, from individual courses, to entire programs, and all the way up to the highest leadership.