Terms and Conditions

There are two Types of Memberships

Currently, there are two types of memberships for THS:

  • Student Member
  • Supporting Member

Both of these memberships are valid for the current academic year. For THS, the academic year is considered to start on July 1st and ends on September 30th the next year.

To become a member, please visit this page. Please note that in some cases you may not be able to visit the page if you are not registered for your courses.

Membership periods:

A membership at THS spans over the entire academic year, starting from the payment day and lasting until the last of September.

Please note that THS considers July 1st to be the breakpoint between the years. All payments before July 1st belongs to the previous academic year (ending the last of September of the current year), all payments after July 1st belongs to the new academic year (ending the last of September of the next year).

Student Membership:


  • The membership fee for the current year has to be paid.
  • You must be registered for your courses at KTH.
  • For PhD-student: a non-zero activity must be registered in Ladok. The course requirement does not apply to this group.

This student membership grants benefits such as the SSSB housing queue, THS-membership card, discounts in the café and restaurant and much more.

Please note that if have a study break during the student membership period, the membership will be transformed to a supporting membership.

Supporting Membership:

Supporting memberships are considered as donations to THS. This kind of membership does not grant any benefits.

If you have a supporting membership, and start to study at KTH, then your membership will automatically become a student membership as soon as your courses are registered in Ladok.

You can make a donation here.

If you believe that you have been incorrectly placed in the supporting membership group, please contact the Student Union Office

THS general membership terms

  • By paying the membership fee, the person concerned subscribes to a membership with THS, org.nr. 802005-9153
  • Everyone has the right to become a member. There is two different types of membership at THS:
    • Student membership
    • Supporting membership
  • Only those who study within KTH’s field of activity are entitled to become a student member.
  • When signing up for a membership, the person concerned is registered as a support member, until it is possible to verify that the student is registered in KTH’s field of activity. After verification, the support membership switches to a student membership.
  •  To be registered as a student member, the following requirements must be met:
      • The membership fee for the current year has to be paid.
      • You need to be registered for your courses.
      • For doctoral students, you must have a non-zero activity registered in Ladok. The requirement for course registration does not exist here.

If these requirements are not met, the membership remains a support membership.

  • As a student member, you are entitled to certain benefits, including SSSB’s housing queue, discounts at the cafe/restaurant and more.
  • As a support member, you are not eligible for any benefits. It is considered a donation to THS.
    • If you have a support membership and start studying at KTH, your membership will automatically switch to a student membership as soon as there is information that you have been registered in Ladok.
  •   THS membership extends throughout the academic year, starting on the pay day and is valid until the end of September.
      • NOTE! THS considers July 1st as the breaking point between the years. Payments made before July 1st accrue to the previous year (ending in September the same year). Payments made after July 1st will accrue to the next year (ending in September the next year).
  • If you have a student membership, and choose to take a study break, your membership will switch to a support membership instead.
  • If the member ends their studies during the current business year, the membership automatically switches to a support membership.
  • Paid membership is non-refundable.
  • By subscribing to a membership, the person concerned at the same time approves that data is processed and obtained by THS.
  • THS reserves the right to use the member’s information for statutory business, provision of services, administration, invoicing, customer service, analysis, development, information, marketing, and for the fulfillment of obligation under law, contract or authority decision, after signing.
  • By subscribing to a membership, the person concerned agrees that the information may be disclosed to the relevant partners and authorities.
  • By paying the membership fee, the person concerned agrees that the information they submit is to be handled by Mecenat AB in order for them to provide the student card as well as information about student-related discounts and benefits.

Refunds of Membership Payments

Generally, THS does not grant refund requests. For long term sick leave, THS will make a decision from case to case.