Start a new THS association

Do you think that there is an association missing among THS associations? Start a new one!

Step 1. Meet and plan

Think about what’s missing in THS today. Find some others that would like to be a part of your association and start planning together. If you have any questions, contact the Head of Student Social Activities at

Step 2. Form the association

To be able to become a THS association you need to already be a non-profit association. A good start is to read through the page at Skatteverket, the Swedish Tax Agency (unfortunately only available in Swedish). It describes what statutes are, what requirements there are for non-profit associations and how accounting is done. You also need to read through THS Bylaws, they contain rules for being a THS association. Read them and make sure your association follows them. 

Next step is to write your own rules, specifically for your association. When the statues are ready it is time to have the first official meeting, called the constitutional meeting.  At this meeting you will approve the statues, decide to form the association and who is going to be part of the association’s board (minimum a head of the association). Everybody that wants to be a part of the association should be invited to the meeting. For more information, refer to Skatteverkets page on starting a non-profit association (available in English). 

Step 3. Apply for a company registration number

The company registration number is the association’s id-number, and is required when applying to become a THS union association.

  • Download form SKV 8400 from skatteverket (Application for org. number for a non profit association)
  • Fill in the application, and attach:
    1. Statues
    2. The protocol from your constitutional meeting 
  • Send in the application to the address specified on the form
Step 4. Apply to be a THS association

Make sure you fulfill the requirements for union associations specified in THS bylaws and collect all the documentation needed. Applications for new union associations open once per semester, during October (last day for application November 1st) and during April (last day for application May 1st). 

Applications for spring 2024 is now open!

Application THS Union Association Spring 2024