THS History

Swedens oldest Engineering Student Union.

On January 30, 1902 the “Tekniska Högskolans Elevkår” was formed in the auditorium of R at the Royal Institute of Technology. THS has a long, rich and sometimes strange story behind it. Below follows an extract from the book “Osqualda och Osquar”

Fines and banquet

In the beginning of the 20th century, KTH had a duty system which meant that for each lecture you missed you had to pay 1 Krona. The duty system became of the first issues THS worked with to abolish. The system was abolished by the King Oscar II, January 6, 1905.

Peaceful accomplishment

In 1903,  the union’s first banner was finished. The design was created by Lars Isreal Wahlman. The unions language of though become Peaceful accomplishment after diligent discussions and a variety of proposals. With the motivation:

” The aim of aspiring engineerings should be high. In the past, only warlike behaviours had succeeded in gaining general recognition. The engineering’s accomplishment should be carried out peacefully, with great productivity


On October 11, 1930. THS’s new Student Union Building, Nymble, was inaugurated on Drottning Kristinas Väg. Rumours said that the old union building was called “Gamble” and in connection with the construction of the new union building a student-like proposal was to call it “Nymble”.

THS Badge

In connection with the opening of Nymble in 1930, a competition was held to develop a new badge for THS. The winning contribution was submitted by Clas Almqvist, which imagined seven rings (one ring for each chapter of the total seven chapters) that together form a larger ring.

Read more in the book Osqulda and Osquar.