General Rules for the Premises

The basis for the premise regulations is the PM for Nymble and Osqvik. See this document for detailed wording of the rules. The booking agreements can be found here.

Timelines for bookings

  • Bookings can be made a maximum of 12 weeks (84 days) in advance for premises outside the serving permit and the association rooms on floor 3.
  • Premises on the serving area on floor 2 have different rules during weekdays (Monday-Friday at 3pm) and weekends (Friday after 3pm-Sunday).
    • On weekends, these premises can be booked a maximum of 26 weeks (182 days) in advance, and THS student-run activities have priority.
    • On weekdays, activities for external tenants, members, and student-run industry cooperation events have priority. Other student-run activities can book 4 weeks (28 days) in advance.
  • Exception for above timelines require approval from THS Chief of Staff.
  • Cancellation no later than 28 days before the rental period results in no follow-up fee.
  • Cancellation no later than 14 days before rental period results in a follow-up fee of 50 % of the total rental price.
  • Cancellation within 14 days before rental period results in a follow-up fee of 100 % of the total rental price.
  • THS charges full rental price for a booked premise that is not used and for non-booked premises that are used.

Booking confirmation and payment

  • As a rule, a deposit fee is added to each booking fee, which is returned after the event, provided that the regulations have been followed.
  • Before a booked venue can be used, a premise booking agreement, called “booking confirmation”, must be signed. This is done in the Student Union Office during the expedition’s opening hours. In connection to this, any keys/access cards are given out and rent and deposit are paid.
  • The person signing the booking confirmation is responsible for ensuring that the premises are used in accordance with the rules. This person has to be present in the venue during the entire booking period.
  • The booking confirmation must always be present during the booking and must be shown upon request. If not presented, security guards, THS staff or equivalent have the right to evict anyone who are staying in the premises.
  • The access card must be returned the first workday after the rental.
  • Delayed pick-up of access cards/keys outside of the reception hours is charged with a fee of 1000 SEK.
  • THS reserves the right to charge a cost of 25 % of the total deposit for each workday the access card/keys are not returned.
  • In case of damage to the premise or surrounding area, THS reserves the right to charge for work, labor and material.
  • In case of damage and amounts exceeding the deposit paid, THS reserves the right to charge the responsible renter additional amounts.
  • In case of violation against the rules or regulations, THS reserves the right to charge a reasonable compensation.
  • In case of other misconduct or disorder, THS reserves the right to charge the renter a reasonable compensation.

Other Regulations

  • Guests may only stay in the booked premise.
  • Overnight stay or sleeping may only occur after agreement with the THS Chief of Staff. The exception is the Osqvik cabin and Annexet.
  • Entrance doors must never be forced to stay in an open position and left unattended. If a guest needs to get in, someone on the inside should open the door for them.
  • The renter is obliged to ensure that only authorized persons are in the room. Sober staff must be present at the doors.
  • Never let a stranger in through the doors.
  • It is never allowed to play music outside after 22 or to have windows or doors open after 22. Neighbors and others in the surroundings must not be disturbed by the sound level, whether it is by music or loud conversations.
  • Neighbors must be respected.
  • Only approved sticky tape may be used on the interiors. The tape can be bought in the The Union Bookstore. THS charges for any damages caused.
  • Furniture may not be moved out of Nymble or between different premises.
  • When serving alcohol, the Alcohol Act and Stockholm city regulations apply. The renter is obliged to find out which rules apply for the booking in question.
  • THS disclaims all liability from any lost belongings in connection to the booking.
  • Items left behind are taken to the Student Union Office’s lost-and-found, where they are handled in accordance with THS lost-and-founds routines.

Fire and Safety

  • All decorations, hangings, tablecloths, etc. must be in fire-rated material.
  • Smoking (including vaping etc.) is forbidden in all the premises.
  • Smoking is forbidden right outside any entrances.
  • Candles are not allowed.
  • Clothing and bags may only be stored in designated places.
  • The use of fog machines is only permitted if operated by RN Eventteknik.
  • Emergency exits must never be blocked.
  • Paths to emergency exits must be kept clear, and be at least 120 cm wide.
  • Fire extinguishers are available in all the premises, and must never be blocked.
  • In the event of a fire alarm, all guests must be evacuated, and be moved to the Millespottan assembly point (see the evacuation plan for more information).
  • The fire alarm is directly connected to SOS Alarm. This means that the fire brigade is automatically summoned when the fire alarm is triggered.
  • In the event of negligence leading to the fire alarm being triggered, THS reserves the right to charge the renter the cost for the fire brigade. This cost amounts to about SEK 20 000.


  • No external sound or lighting system may be used without a special permission. Permission is granted by RN Eventteknik.
  • All other forms of technology must be ordered/approved through RN Eventteknik.
  • Smoke/fog machines may only be operated by RN Eventteknik.

Exception to Booking Times

In special cases, premises can be booked at other times. This applies, for example, to lunch lectures, fairs and other similar events with a clear link to student benefits. Contact THS Chief of Staff for exceptions.

General Cleaning Rules

Unless otherwise decided in advance, the following cleaning rules apply.

Professional cleaning can be pre-ordered, contact THS Lokalbokning.

In case of inadequate cleaning, THS reserves the right to charge a cleaning fee of 1600 SEK.

  • Cleaning equipment is available in cleaning scrubbers adjacent to the premises.
  • All decorations and signs must be taken down. Be sure to also take down the tape that was used to set up the decoration. If the wall or paint is damaged by this, the tenant will be charged for restoration.
  • Garbage bags must be sealed and carried down to the 1930s basement.
  • The premises must either be fully cleaned, or by ordering Professional cleaning – SEK 1200/room.
  • At Professional cleaning, final cleaning is taken care of by THS cleaning company.
  • In the event of inadequate cleaning, THS reserves the right to charge a cleaning fee of SEK 1,600.

For details, see premise-specific information under the tab “Information about premises”.