As a student at KTH, you have certain rights and obligations related to your education and study environment. KTH has a page that compiles these on the student web: Rights and responsibilities (KTH).

KTH is a university

This means that KTH falls under the Higher education act and Higher education ordinance and they regulate how the university should be run and what the education should be like on a high level. KTH is also a government agency and therefore follows the Administrative procedure act.

Except for these laws, KTH makes their own rules about how things are done here. These rules are added to by the different parts of KTH by procedures that affect the education and students. You always have the right to view those procedures. The common governing documents of the education at KTH are found here.

Student influence is a right

In section 7 of chapter 2 of the Higher education act one can read:

”The students are entitled to representation when decisions or preparations are made that have bearing on their courses or programmes or the situation of students.”

This means that students have the right to conduct student influence over their education and university. Student influence at KTH happens through THS. Read more about how to make your voice heard here.