Overallens Vänner Stockholm (OVS)

Overallens Vänner Stockholm (OVS) is an assocation created with the purpose to promote the boiler suit- and student culture at KTH and in Stockholm. We’re a re-creation of an old THS association with the same name, which was active in the early 2000’s. We are a pseudo-serious partying and patch collecting association that prints patches and encourages active use of boiler suits, patch collecting, and making friends across chapter and union borders. We organize trips to the larger student events in Sweden (like Sjöslaget, Quarnevalen, Squvalp, Absolut Gotland, SkiWeek, etc). The association board is made up of students from different chapters and associations at KTH and SU.

Membership in OVS is free, and puts you on a mailing list with updates on what we’re doing. You also get the opportunity to buy our membership patch. We’re active on Facebook and Instagram, feel free to follow us!

Email us: ovs.kth@gmail.com
Become a member: https://forms.gle/83HVGvCAaLvGJezx6
Social media: https://linktr.ee/ovs_kth
Read more about our history: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1iEXqes1Ad5xsUnxRbOkYyRp4PUoNcGjY?usp=sharing