THS Main

We are THS Masters and International student group, with the mission of creating fantastic events, building a close-knit and open family, and helping with the integration of international KTH students.

We plan plenty of fun events from hikes, gasques, potlucks, pub crawls, karaoke night, legendary Osqviks, and more! As a member, you can help by working as part of the squad during our events, or planning them by being part of a committee. We also have positions for those who want to be actively involved through the whole semester! Just join one of our standing committees, like Marketing, Board Games, or Team Building. You can also apply and join as part of the board, we have elections at the end of every semester.

MAIN is all about having fun and you can decide your own level of involvement. Have a cool event idea? Propose it! We are open to all ideas!

Got any questions? Feel free to contact us through Facebook –

or Instagram – @ths.main, or shoot us an email – and we look forward to welcoming you to our aMAINzing family soon!