Effektiv Altruism (EA KTH)

Do you want to do more good in the world, but unsure where to start?
The goal of Effective Altruism is to help other people. We combine economics, philosophy, computer, social and natural sciences to identify and solve the world’s biggest problems, such as climate change, the risks with advanced artificial intelligence, global poverty, animal suffering, pandemics, nuclear war etc. We apply evidence and rigorous thinking to try to answer the question “How can we use our hearts AND minds in the best way possible to help others the most?
Effective Altruism is a global movement, with branches in Sweden, and here at KTH! Every Monday we meet in Nymble 17.30-20.30 to build projects for Effective Altruism. A project can be to research an EA-relevant topic, communicate EA-related ideas, create an impactful career plan for yourself or do something that has direct impact. More information about these sessions can be found here, and here is a detailed list of project suggestions.
We also do book clubs, workshops, career advice, lectures and more to learn more about how to improve the world, as individuals and as a society – all to help engaged students to get a meaningful and impactful career that also makes the most out of their skills and interests.
If you are interested in joining us, see our Facebook page for recent updates, join our Discord server or send us an e-mail at effektivaltruism@ths.kth.se.