KTH Hyperloop

Our goal is to design and build the fastest Hyperloop pod to this day. On the short-term, we aim to create a safe and fully functional scaled pod for the 2020 Hyperloop Pod Competition. On the long-term, our aim is to secure, within KTH and Sweden, a space for growing students’ skills and interdisciplinary cooperation to push the Hyperloop technology forward and implement it as a full-scale system. What would implementing a Hyperloop system in Sweden really mean? Simply put, being able to live in Göteborg and commute to Stockholm in under 25 minutes.

What makes us unique?

  • We are one of the first student teams developing a levitation system according to the initial concept proposal. The implementation and feasibility of this technology is challenging and was therefore predominantly disregarded by other student teams up to now.
  • We are the only team in the Nordic region that are working on developing a hyperloop pod.