KTH Student Drivers Club

Welcome to the KTH Student Drivers Club – Your highway to adventure and camaraderie!
Are you passionate about cars, motorcycles, and racing? Do you want to share this passion with like-minded students? KTH Student Drivers Club is the place for you!

We are a dynamic association for students at KTH who love everything related to cars, motorcycles, and racing. Our activities are diverse and exciting, offering a range of different activities to suit all interests.

What we do:
Simracing: For those who love the digital racing world, we offer simracing events where you can compete against other members and hone your driving skills.

Road trips: Explore the beautiful landscapes of Sweden through our organized road trips. A perfect opportunity to make new friends and enjoy the freedom of the open road.

Car meets: Join our regular gatherings at local and national car meets. A golden opportunity to show off your car (if you have one) and admire others.

Drives: Get an adrenaline rush with organized drives where you can push your limits and learn new driving skills.

Gokart: For a fast and exciting experience. A perfect activity to build strong bonds between members.

To join:
Visit our Instagram @kthstudentdriversclub and press “Become a member.

Association contact email address: kthstudentdriversclub@gmail.com