KTH Volleyball

KTH Volleyball originated as a mixed group of approximately 20 members in 2018 and has since evolved into a dynamic organization, boasting both men’s and women’s teams, with a current membership of approximately 60 individuals. Our strategic expansion over the past year was undertaken to foster diversity and greater student engagement.

In preceding years, our participation in the Korpen league for men’s, women’s, and mixed teams showcased our prowess, resulting in numerous victories and securing first place in the league. An exciting development for 2023 is our inaugural entry into the Swedish National Division League. We currently rank top 1 on the leaderboards in the division.

Our primary emphasis revolves around 6v6 indoor volleyball, supported by targeted coaching programs designed to elevate the skills of each member. Complementing our commitment to excellence on the court, we are dedicated to organizing inclusive team-building events and open volleyball tournaments, fostering camaraderie and skill development among all participants.

Furthermore, we are keen on establishing robust connections with national and international universities through collaborative volleyball tournaments, enriching experiences, and contributing to the overall growth of the sport. Our vision is to not only excel in competitive play but also to contribute meaningfully to the broader volleyball community.