Quarnevalen (Q)

Quarnevalen is a student carnival that is held every three years. It is one of Sweden’s largest student events, with over 1,500 committed students from all Stockholm educational institutions. The students spends a whole week in May building their contributions to the carnival, and then they roll out across the streets of Stockholm.

On Union Day you can meet us in Maskinparken, where we organize a festival throughout the day, called Q-nØllan. On site you can listen to good music, eat good food, participate in all the crazy activities and get to know students from other sections. Come and talk to us (we wear turquoise) and get all the information on how you can participate in the most unforgettable event ever!

Instead, the two years between each Quarneval, Squvalp is organized, which is a slightly smaller, waterborne carnival. During one May day, 600-800 students will gather to build fleets, which will hopefully float at the end of the day, when it is time to show them to the public gathered at the beach in Rålmabshovsparken. Attending these events is not only really fun, but also gives you the chance to meet students from all over Stockholm!