Flygsektionen (T)

Kongliga Flygsektionen, The Flight Chapter, is a nonprofit organization for students enrolled in the Vehicle Engineering program at KTH. Our Chapter Hall goes by “T-Centralen” (or “TC” for short) and is not to be mistaken for the incredibly more train-dense T-Centralen.

The members of the Chapter are referred to as “Flygare” and wear the traditional tail-coat (“B-frack“). The Flight Chapter’s letter is “T” (because “T” is after “S”) and its color is beautifully dark blue. The Flight Chapter was founded on September 11th 1969, prior to this date it was merely called the Naval Chapter. The Winged Hull (“Det Bevingade Skrovet”) is the Chapter emblem and is proudly flaunted on the back of the tail-coat that is worn on occasion by the Chapter’s members.