Sektionen för Öppen Ingång (OPEN)

The chapter for Open Entrance, also called OPEN, is for all students at the Royal Institute of Technology who started their studies at the Civil Engineering program Open Entrance. The chapter also belongs to the Technical University Student Union, THS, since its inception in 2003.

The background to both the chapter and the program is to offer students the opportunity to try the civil engineering studies before the final choice of specialization. A year in the civil engineering program Open Entrance means that you read one year without a specialization and then this spring you can choose one of the programs that many others chose before they started at KTH. This does not mean that you read an extra year, but instead you start the second year on the chosen program. From Open Entrance you can choose all the civil engineering programs offered at KTH.

As a chapter, OPEN is very unique as the students are members for a maximum of one year and then move on to a new program and its associated section. As a result, the section is replaced every year by those who have started the education. However, this does not hinder the work on which the section is based; to present the student’s case and to defend their interests regarding both study and leisure. The chapter regularly organizes gas kits, joint trips and activities for the section members.