Union elections

What does the nomination committee do?

The Nomination Committee is a group of students responsible for the elections that take place in THS central organisation. They work to make sure that THS always has the right person in the right place.

Contact: valberedning@ths.kth.se

How does the Nomination Committee evaluate who is suitable?

For the committee to be able to make a suitability assessment as objectively as possible, there are requirement profiles for all positions in the management team. The requirement profile is specific for a position and describes the qualities and experience sought. All requirement profiles, except for those for the president and vice president, are produced by the board. These requirement profiles are then handed over to the nomination committee and used as a basis for assessment during the election process. Since the profiles in detail describe the characteristics sought for all positions they are not made public, but are only available to the board and the Nomination Committee.

What does the Election Committee do?

Election committee consists of one representative from each chapter and is elected in the Union Council. Their task is to arrange and supervise the election for the Union Council.

Election (Kårvalet)

THS members elect students to Union Council. You can candidate/vote here.