Information regarding the demonstrations on campus 29th of May

Dear Members,

Regarding the demonstrations and the following events that took place on Wednesday, May 29th, we would like to express solidarity with those who felt unsafe or wrongly mistreated and those who were disturbed in their studies. The police must follow the rules that are in place and excessive force from the police must not occur. When using animals, the police must keep the animals under careful control.

Everyone has the right to express their opinions. For THS it is important that you are able to express your opinions without feeling unsafe or worried that it will affect your studies at KTH. At the same time it is important to consider your fellow students who are studying for or writing exams that could determine their future. It is important to THS that all students at KTH feel safe and secure on campus, whether they are studying, writing an exam or expressing their opinions. One of THS’ main purposes is to monitor and participate in the development of education and the conditions for studies at KTH. Therefore it is of utmost importance that all students at KTH get the opportunity to write exams and carry out other forms of examination without disruptive elements.

In the future, we will continue to work with KTH to ensure a safe study environment, that education can be carried out without external disturbances and that the use of rights protected by basic laws, such as the Freedom of Expression, do not affect one’s studies at KTH.

In the aftermath of these events, disinformation has spread via social media. We encourage everyone to be critical of what you read online and to always do your best to fact check before sharing. If possible, try to get your information directly from the affected organizations and groups through their official channels.

If you, as a KTH student, feel unsafe or mistreated on campus, you are always welcome to contact us through If you feel directly threatened you can always contact
campus security at 08-790 7700 . THS cannot take responsibility for security on campus, but we can represent the students and convey their opinions and experiences towards KTH.

Regarding the conflict in Gaza, we stand behind the statement made by the European Students’ Union through Sweden’s United Student Unions, which can be read here.

Warm regards in difficult times,
THS Student Union Board

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Information regarding the demonstrations on campus 29th of May

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