Gasquen-Detailed information


  • Stand-alone party room.
  • Maximum number of people in the room: 200.
  • Maximum number of people seated: 120.
  • Bookable 12 weeks in advance.
  • The door to Gasqueparken can be used for passage, but must remain closed after 22. Groups of people or loud activities are not allowed in Gasqueparken after 22.
  • Bookable times:
    • Weekdays: 15-03.
    • Weekends: 08-03.
  • Other regulations:
    • The door to Gasqueparken is only to be used as an emergency exit, and must otherwise remain closed.
  • Important: ask KårX for the cabinet key if you want to use the plates, glasses, and cutlery (see below)!

Food and Drinks

  • The renter may bring their own food.
  • The venue is outside the serving permit, which means the renter may bring their own drinks and is responsible for following the Swedish alcohol law themselves. Alcoholic beverages cannot be ordered through the Restaurant or THS Event Manager.

Furniture and Inventory


  • 120 chairs.
  • 30 tables.


  • Sound system. Bring your own cable (RCA to 3.5 mm).
  • Projector
  • Projector screen.
  • 2 Convection ovens.
  • 3 Stove tops with 4 plates.
  • 2 Fridges.
  • 1 Freezer.
  • 6 Microwave ovens.
  • 1 Dishwasher with its own dosing.
  • 1 Refrigerated bench with 4 trays.
  • Cleaning cabinet and toilets.
  • First aid kit.
  • Plates, cutlery and drinking glasses
    • 125 small plates
    • 125 large plates
    • 125 deep plates
    • 125 water glasses
    • 125 wine glasses
    • 125 shot glasses
    • 125 spoons
    • 125 knives
    • 125 forks
    • 125 dessert spoons
    • 9 water jugs


Full cleaning only:

  • The premise must be restored to its original condition, including the furniture.
  • The floors must be swept and swabbed (change water frequently).
  • All tables and chairs must be wiped off and restored to its original place, according to the furniture chart in the cleaning cabinet.
  • Other surfaces, such as benches, fridges, etc. must be wiped off.
  • Oven and stove must be cleaned.
  • Toilets must be cleaned, swept and swabbed.
  • Garbage must be disposed of to the 30-talskällare.
  • The plates, cutlery and glasses need to be washed, put in order and placed back into their designated cabinet.