Kröken-Detailed information


  • Stand-alone party room.
  • Bookable times:
    • All days 11-03.
  • Maximum number of people in the venue: 75.
  • Bookable 12 weeks in advance.
  • Other regulations:
    • The terrace area outside of Kröken may be used by the renter.
    • Alcoholic beverages can be brought out to the terrace right outside Kröken, but not to the terrace of the main building.

Food and Drinks

  • The renter may bring their own food.
  • The venue is outside the serving permit, which means the renter may bring their own drinks and is responsible for following the Swedish alcohol law themselves.
  • Alcoholic beverages cannot be ordered through the Restaurant or THS Event Manager.

Furniture and Inventory


  • 75 chairs.
  • 21 tables.


  • Sound system. Bring your own cable (RCA to 3.5 mm).
  • 1 Fridge
  • 2 Convection ovens.
  • 1 Microwave oven.
  • 1 Stove top with 4 plates.
  • 1 Refrigerated bench with 4 trays.
  • Cleaning cabinet and toilets.
  • First aid kit.


Full cleaning only:

  • The premise must be restored to its original condition, including the furniture.
  • The floors must be swept and swabbed (change water frequently).
  • All tables and chairs must be wiped off and restored to its original place, according to the furniture chart in the cleaning cabinet.
  • Other surfaces, such as benches, fridges, etc. must be wiped off.
  • Oven and stove must be cleaned.
  • Toilets must be cleaned, swept and swabbed.
  • Garbage must be disposed of to the 30-talskällare.