Puben-Detailed information


  • Maximum number of people in the room: 400.
  • Maximum number of people seated: 250.
  • Bookable times:
    • All days: 08-03.
    • Bookings before 15 on weekdays must be approved by the THS Chief of Staff.
  • Different timelines during weekdays (Monday-Friday at 3pm) and weekends (Friday after 3pm-Sunday).
    • On weekends, can be booked a maximum of 26 weeks (182 days) in advance, and THS student-run activities have priority.
    • On weekdays, activities for external tenants, members, and student-run industry cooperation events have priority. Other student-run activities can book 4 weeks (28 days) in advance.
  • Doors may not be left open. This includes the doors to the terrace.
  • Other regulations:

Food and drinks

  • In this premise, THS own serving permits apply. A Serving Manager from THS must be present when serving alcohol.
  • THS central organization, chapters and union associations arranging events may bring their own food if:
    • The food is provided free of charge or as part of a ticket
    • The food is not presented in a way that makes it possible to perceive it as coming from Restaurant Nymble
    • Externals in the capacity of representatives from companies or other professional actors do not participate.
  • To order food or drinks, contact the Restaurant or THS Event Manager.

Furniture and Inventory


  • 13 chairs.
  • 6 sofas.
  • 10 armchairs.
  • 20 high bar stools.
  • 13 regular tables.
  • 2 large round brass tables.
  • 4 small marble bar tables.
  • 5 large marble bar tables


  • The technology in the premise may be used after consultation with RN Eventteknik  or by having the bar open.
  • 1 bar. Serving manager must be ordered by THS Event Manager.
  • Toilets and cleaning cabinet.


Full cleaning:

  • The premise must be restored to its original condition, including the furniture.
  • The floors must be swept and swabbed (change water frequently).
  • All tables and chairs must be wiped off and restored to its original place, according to the furniture chart.
  • Other surfaces, such as benches, fridges, etc. must be wiped off.
  • Toilets must be cleaned, swept and swabbed.
  • Garbage must be disposed of to the 30-talskällare.