• Maximum number of people in the room: 75.
  • Bookable times:
    • Weekdays: 15-03.
    • Weekends: 08-03.
    • Bookings before 15 on weekdays must be approved by the THS Chief of Staff.
  • Different timelines during weekdays (Monday-Friday at 3pm) and weekends (Friday after 3pm-Sunday).
    • On weekends, can be booked a maximum of 26 weeks (182 days) in advance, and THS student-run activities have priority.
    • On weekdays, activities for external tenants, members, and student-run industry cooperation events have priority. Other student-run activities can book 4 weeks (28 days) in advance.
  • In this premise, THS own serving permits apply. A Serving Manager from THS must be present when serving alcohol.
  • To order food or drinks, contact the Restaurant or THS Event Manager.
  • THS central organization, chapters and union associations arranging events may bring their own food if:
    • The food is provided free of charge or as part of a ticket
    • The food is not presented in a way that makes it possible to perceive it as coming from Restaurant Nymble
    • Externals in the capacity of representatives from companies or other professional actors do not participate.


  • 56 Chairs.
  • 15 Armchairs.
  • 14 Regular tables.
  • 3 Big round tables.
  • 1 Piano.


  • Projector screen with projector and associated speakers. Bring your own HDMI cable.
  • Microphone – contact RN Eventteknik.

Professional cleaning:
This means that you do not have to completely restore the premises yourself before your booking period is over, you only need to take down decorations, collect all rubbish together in garbage bags and take all your personal belongings with you before leaving the premises.
Price: SEK 1,200/premis

Complete cleaning:
If you choose to clean yourself, you sign the booking confirmation that our general cleaning rules are followed, which in short means that the premises must be restored exactly as it was when you got there before the booking time is over + all rubbish is thrown away in the 30s basement which is located at the front by Nymble.

If these cleaning rules have been inadequately followed, a cleaning fee of SEK 1,600/premis will be added.