THS International Reception

The THS International Reception is held twice a year, divided into the Fall and Spring Reception, and is the first thing that happens for new, international students at KTH. The objective is to make newly admitted students feel welcome, quickly get into life as university students and introduce them to their new classmates as well as older students. The receptions take place under multiple weeks and consist of activities, events and parties from early morning to late night. It is very important for you to know that everything during the Reception is voluntary. With that being said we strongly recommend you to participate as much as you can. You will not regret it! There are activities for all international students at THS International Reception, and there may also be activities at your chapter which is the student organ that comprises of people with similar studies as yours. Make sure you look for them if you haven’t heard of them otherwise!

What happens during the Reception?

A lot! During the Reception, we have dozens of activities. Whether you want to explore the city, the campus, the amazing nature in Sweden for a hike, or if you want to attend social activities with dinners or overnight parties, we’ve got you covered. Not to mention the Grand Banquet at the end of it all, which is a fancy dinner (some formal clothes from home will serve well!) with live music and an unforgettable atmosphere.

If you join the International Reception you’ll also be assigned to a Buddy, who are local students to help you out with any question you have about activities, student life, studies at KTH or how to get by in Stockholm.

Who makes the Reception?

Volunteers. The Reception is only possible thanks to over 100 dedicated students from various chapters who volunteer to make the THS International Reception what it is. The Project Manager together with the Project Team plans the Reception and recruits the Buddies, who make the events become a reality. Both KTH and THS Central assist with the planning of the Reception weeks, but in the end, it is the students who do the hard work so all new students feel welcome when they arrive at KTH. When all the new students arrive, hundreds of hours have already been spent planning and preparing.

What happens during the Arrival Day? You will have the possibility to pay for the events, enjoy a Fika, and talk to our team that made this possible!

KTH also welcomes all new students to student life and Stockholm by offering various services and events. Make sure you don’t miss any important information. Check out their website here.


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THS, International Reception, and Student Life at KTH

Want to know more about all the fun activities that THS International Reception, a subgroup of KTH’s very own student union, has planned? Then join this webinar!

Learn what THS does, how we make student life better at KTH, how life outside studies can look like, the different associations and of course, all kinds of activities that we have in store for you with the THS International Reception Fall 2024!! These events are designed to help international students settle in, make new friends, and kick off their KTH journey on a high!”

Date: 11 June, 12:00 CEST

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